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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

What does it mean to be WELL?

It is practicing healthy habits, being active, alive and vital.

It is the presence of wellbeing and dignity in your life.

True wellness is determined by the decisions and choices you make in your life.

It is the holistic integration of FIVE INTERACTIVE DIMENSIONS

that continually influence each other:

Physical:Maintain a healthy body by good nutrition, regular exercise, good sleep, avoiding harmful habits, making informed decisions about your health and seeking medical assistance when necessary.

Understand your own feelings, maintain a positive attitude, accept yourself and your limitations, and become comfortable with your emotions.

Make life meaningful, have a purpose, ethics, values and morals that can guide and give meaning and direction to life.

Engage your mind in lively interactions with the world around you. Involve continued learning, problem solving and creativity.

Social: Interact with people in your family and community, friends and colleagues. Contribute to a healthy living environment and get involved in clubs and organizations that interest you.

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