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The Team

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Sherry Hoffman

Personal Trainer 

I believe there is an athlete in everyone!
It takes time, a good coach and to believe in yourself to get the job done

• BS bachelor's degree
University of Wyoming, 1982

CES - Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)
CPT - Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
• BCTMB - Board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork

Sports specific training, corrective exercise, strength; conditioning
Stretching; flexibility, fat loss; nutritional guidance
Circuit; HIT Training, trigger point therapy

I have been in Boca Raton area for 26 years working with and training high school,
college and professional athletes as well as the general population.
My own career as an athlete began with competitive track and field, swimming, road cycling and alpine skiing. I competed in amateur sports, NCAA and US national in both soccer and alpine skiing. I had some exceptional experiences working with Nike developing their first running shoe and working with the national alpine ski team developing athlete during summer camps in Oregon.

My interest in coaching took off in Colorado while working with two different ski teams in Crested Butte and Boulder. It was in the 1980's and 1990's where teaching, coaching and personal infusion for groups became a passion of mine.

Even today I find that I used my coaching skills and tactics for personal training.
Whether you are an athlete with goals to compete better; someone who has never been in a gym before; or someone who to overcome physical issues and to become healthier, that is why you come to 5X Fitness. We have a program for everyone!

The agility ladder power push-up is an advanced exercise used for building power in the upper body. This exercise requires a high degree of strength, skill, and coordination. Virtually every muscle in your body is used, which makes the power push-up extremely demanding. 

A BOSU stability training is flat on one side and has half of a stability ball on the other side. These variations of the push-up are both more difficult and more effective than the standard floor push-up. The stability push-up can be used as part of a total body strengthening routine.

Bosu squats are an excellent exercise that strengthens the quads, hamstrings, glutes and by using the bosu ball this helps to stabilise the core as well. This exercise is also great if you are interested in weight loss.

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