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Starter Package

Private Personal Training

We are happy to get you started with one of our amazing trainers that we collaborate with here at 5X Fitness

Our Starter Package includes 2 sessions with any trainer of your choosing, as well as one free Infrared Sauna or Cold Plunge session (either after or before your personal training session). Perchance is final, but if your first consultation was not what you were looking for, we are more than happy to set you up with another personal trainer instead.


  • First Session: Is a 60 minute consultation and assessment to meet your personal trainer and learn about what they can do for you. This helps them personalize this experience for you and begin creating a game plan to meet your goals. 

  • Second Session: Then you can take personal training for a spin and have a full 45 minute personal training session.

  • In this package you are also offered a choice of either a free Infrared Sauna session or Cold Plunge session. You may choose to have this session either right before your first 45min training session, or right after. 

After the 3 Sessions, if you would like to continue the training services, you can discuss with your trainer on how they would like to proceed with you as their client.



Starter Package: $225

Below you will see the trainers we are in partner with here at 5X Fitness Lounge, as well as a description of themselves and what they specialize in. All trainers are independent which means packages , subscriptions, discounts, and rates differ upon trainer. If you chose to continue with them after the starter package services, their individual prices range from $85 to $125 an hour.

Choose any trainer that peeks your interest and get booked today!


Having a hard time choosing? Sign up for a free Consultation with our Personal Trainer Director who can help you get matched up with the best personal trainer for you.

Personal Trainer Director

Personal Trainers

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