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Reach Your Peak with 5X Fitness Lounge
Get Fit, Look Good, Feel Great

Also join us for our Grand Opening Event Coming Soon in Boca Raton, FL.

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Sick of crowded local gyms?

We offer a monthly membership to our private space to work out.

Our members can take advantage of our top-of-the-line equipment and the privacy and convenience of an exclusive gym session.



We also hold a variety of personal trainers to get you where you need to be in your

health and fitness journey.

Having this guidance can optimize your workout plans and get you wherever your goal might be.

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For Independent personal trainers out there looking for a space to train your

clients, here at 5x Fitness Lounge, we offer the ultimate gym rental experience. 

Our hourly rentals and monthly rental memberships allow you to have a comfortable environment to encourage and motivate your personal clients.

5X Fitness Wellness Spa 

Bring balance and serenity to your life at our Wellness Spa & Meditation Center.


Infrared Sauna

Our saunas are designed to help you relax, detoxify, and improve your overall well being.
Our experienced staff of health and wellness professionals guide you through every step of your sauna session, ensuring you receive the best possible experience.

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Cold Plunge 

At 5x Fitness Wellness and Spa, we specialize in providing cold plunge therapy to help with muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and improve overall health and wellbeing. .
We believe that cold plunge therapy is a great way to reap the physical and mental benefits of cold immersion therapy. From athletes to those looking for an accessible way to improve their well-being, everyone can find something to enjoy at 5x Fitness Lounge.

Luxury Spa

Massage Therapy 

At 5x we believe that massage therapy is an essential part of one’s health and

well-being. Whether you’re looking for an escape from the stresses of everyday life or if you’re seeking relief from physical pain, we will work with you to create a healing plan tailored to your needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a sense of relaxation and improved wellbeing.


Wellness is an expanded idea of health. 

True wellness is determined by the decisions and choices you make in your life every day.


Here at 5x Fitness Lounge we prioritize the holistic integration of FIVE INTERACTIVE DIMENSIONS that continuously influence each other. These 5 dimensions are:


Earth / Physical

Maintain a healthy body 

Prioritize good nutrition, exercise regularly, get good sleep, avoid harmful habits, and build your physical health.

Representation of solidity, stability, and grounding


 Fire / Passion

Fire is the driven element

Your commitment every day and the time you dedicate to a healthy lifestyle begins within you.

Representation of your drive, energy, passion, and transformation.


Air / Expand

“Believe in the unseen”

 Ignite the freedom you crave by expanding in your environment.

Whether you grow in knowledge or experiences, don’t listen to the limiting belief that you must fit into a box.

Representation of movement, expansion, and growth


Water / Connection

The power of Community

Just like water, human connection is needed to survive.

Interacting with friends, family, colleagues, clubs, organizations, and communities can replenish and fuel you to achieve your goals.

Water is the representation of connection, replenishing, and rejuvenating. 



Spirit / Mindset

The element from which all other elements originate, and to which they all return

Centering one’s thoughts with positive mindset, and truly being in tune with your body can help to

build a better and fuller version of yourself.

The idea of manifestation, healing one’s body, and peace of mind


Meet The Team

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"There is an athlete

in everyone! It takes time, a good coach and to believe in yourself to get the job done."



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"Success doesn’t come from what

you do occasionally, 

it comes from what you do Consistently."



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“Embrace the rhythm of your body, nourish it with kindness, and watch as wellness becomes your natural state of being."


"If you are looking for an immaculate facility with the latest equipment and professional training, then this is your place. Tyrrell's knowledge of fitness and movement is second to none. When you combine that with brand new strength and cardio machines to sleds and sled hammers, you have everything you need for an amazing workout."

- Frank Milano

"If you are looking for a private trainer I highly recommend 5X Fitness Lounge. I’ve been training with Tyrell to get back in shape and on the tennis courts from a two-year knee issue. (Meniscus and partial knee replacement) He is so much more than what one thinks of a “gym trainer.” He has a background in Physical Therapy, which is a huge plus when recovering from injuries."

- DD Marshall

I have been working with Tyrrell at 5x Fitness for 3 years now and he has helped me immensely change my perspective on health and fitness. I have lost 20 pounds and kept them off over the course of these 3 years. Every workout we do is different and he really listens to your goals. He is there for you all along the way to encourage and keep you on track. I recommend him to everyone because he is an expert in his field and can work with anyone no matter their age or ability. He recently opened his own state-of-the-art facility!


- Nikki Hartman

I'm a student-athlete and the fitness aspect of my sport is just as important to me as playing the game. Working with Tyrrell regularly for the last year and a half has gotten me to the next level.

We also focus a lot on stretching to reduce my risk of injury. I highly recommend him to any athlete who plays their sport seriously in high school, college, and beyond.

Love the new facility he opened up!


- Jacob David

Take a Tour

Visitors are always welcome! Come look around and get a tour of the place, and see what's up and coming. 



(561) 900-4569

Private Gym Hours:
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Mon- Fri 9am - 5pm

Hours of usage vary by services.
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es for times.

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